The Hobbit’s Map vs the APM Living Topology Map

Maps can be designed in glorious detail or as minimalistic and mysterious as the adventures they hint at creating. You’ve seen maps come in all shapes, colors and complexities, but what do they really tell you?  Take Thorin’s map from the book The Hobbit (and now a new movie by Peter Jackson, “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey”) which helps the reader orient themselves to a wonderfully imagined world created by JRR Tolkien.   The use of the map in The Hobbit is the author’s way of reporting to his readers what his main characters; Bilbo and the dwarfs were looking for and this helps the reader understand what’s at stake and the reader is drawn into the story.   In comparison, a living topology map from OpTier’s APM solution tells a story of its own.  It tells you the true path of every transaction through every distributed tier.  The further you expand each section of the map the story of the transactions become crystal clear.

As the adventurous story from The Hobbit unfolds the map is digested and more clues immerge.  Bilbo and the 13 dwarfs with the help of Elrond reveal a riddle that was hidden in the map – a second layer of complexity which can provide additional information is only obtained when the map is held up to the moon.  Only then the secret entrance to the Lonely Mountain is reveled raising their hopes at defeating the dragon Smaug and taking back their stolen home and treasure.

Fortunately for you, there are no riddles and the moon is not necessary to see the true path of every transaction through every tier.  It’s much simpler than that – just a click of the mouse and your precious information is presented in a neat and organized topology map.  OpTier dynamically displays real-time information such as transaction volume and the relationship between tiers to give you an up-to-date, transaction-based view into your application architecture allowing you to quickly isolate problems.

Whether you’re battling dragons or battling application code, having a clear and concise view of everything that is occurring could be like having one magical ring to rule them all…all your customer-facing applications that is.  Find out more about OpTier’s APM solution and the living topology map.

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